The following documents have been produced by the project team as outputs to the RBAPS project in Ireland and Spain (see schematic below), and will be added here for download through summer 2018.

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Policy and regulatory framework: review and recommendations

RBAPS PD02 Front cover

RBAPS_PD02. Results-based Agri-environment payments scheme, Policy and regulatory framework: review and recommendations

This briefing outlines key recommendations for current and future polices to enable the wider implementation of results-based agri-environment schemes.

RBAPS Terms and Conditions with participating farmers

TC cover

RBAPS_TC Terms and Conditions. Results-based Agri-environment payments scheme.

Natura Impact Statement for the RBAPS measures

NIS cover

RBAPS_NIS Natura Impact Statement for Results-based Agri-environment Payments scheme

For details on Scorecard development, and to download the RBAPS scorecards and scoring guidelines visit our SCORECARDS page; our project Newsletters are available on the NEWSLETTERS page and the Best Practice Management Guidelines are available here.