RBAPS end of project seminar presentations

Agri-environment schemes – paying farmers for biodiversity quality

Hudson Bay Hotel, Athlone – Friday 22nd June 2018

The RBAPS end of project seminar was aimed at anyone interested in the future of agri-environment schemes, including Farmers, Farming authorities and advisors, agri-environment administrators, and those interested in European Innovation Partnerships, particularly those with a biodiversity focus.

Seminar theme: How can agri-environment schemes be designed to pay farmers for the quality of the biodiversity on their farmland?

Over the course of 3.5 years, the Results-based Agri-environmental Payment Scheme (RBAPS) project trialled a mode of paying farmers for the quality of biodiversity on their farms in three differing pilot locations of County Leitrim and the Shannon Callow floodplain in Ireland, and the Navarra region of Spain.

This seminar presented the experiences of the RBAPS and other projects, including the Hen Harrier and BRIDE  EIPs, and will explore how payments for the quality of farmland biodiversity can work in reality. 

Presentations from the seminar can be downloaded by clicking on the presenters name below:

Gwyn Jones, EFNCP gave an Overview of RBAPS project: Navarra, Spain; Leitrim, Ireland and Shannon Callows, Ireland

Derek McLoughlin, EFNCP, gave a brief overview of the project outputs and where to find them (www.rbaps.eu/documents).

 Session 1:  Development of scoring assessments

    ·    Dolores Byrne, IT Sligo (RBAPS)

    ·    Francis Fox, Leitrim farmer

    ·    Caroline Sullivan, Hen Harrier EIP

Session 2:  Implementation

    ·    Alex Copland, BWI (RBAPS)

    ·    Donal Sheehan, BRIDE EIP

    ·    Daire Ó hÚallacháin, Teagasc

    ·    Fergal Monaghan, Hen Harrier EIP

Session 3:  Monitoring and Evaluation

    ·    Caitriona Maher, EFNCP (RBAPS)

    ·    Annabelle LePage, Natural England and Helen Keep, Yorkshire Dales National Park

    ·    Amanda Browne, Aran LIFE


Session 4: RBAPS and RDP recommendations

    ·    James Moran, GMIT (RBAPS)

    ·    Andy Bleasdale, NPWS

    ·    Margaret Murray, DAFM

    ·    Clunie Keenleyside, IEEP